Method and laboratory discovery

  • Discussion of suitable methods for your project: $50/hr*
  • Assistance in finding an appropriate laboratory for your work: $50/hr*

Field assistance

  • Need a hand in the field? $200/day + travel costs

Interpretation assistance

  • Have data, but want a fresh pair of eyes on it? $50/hr*

Writing and publication assistance

  • Graphic design illustrating your data $50/hr*
  • Writing assistance for technical papers or grant proposals $50/hr*


  • All hourly rates divisible int 15 minute increments.
  • Time spent traveling for on-site instrument work may be charged.

*these rates are negotiable depending upon the client’s financial position (discounts for under- or un-funded projects), educational level (discounts for K-12 students and teachers and undergraduate students), or Penny’s involvement with the project (discounts offered for a level of involvement resulting in authorship, for example).