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EPOCH – Environmental Perspectives from Oxygen, Carbon, and Hydrogen

Recent advances in the natural sciences are related to the use of light stable isotopes to answer environmental and ecological questions.

Isotopes of oxygen and carbon from rocks and biominerals are common study subjects in projects examining environmental change. Isotopes of hydrogen and nitrogen can be added to projects when water or organic molecules are preserved (in specific geochemical scenarios and in modern materials).

Not every scholar has easy access to these methods, sometimes due to broken machinery, and sometimes due to lack of the necessary expertise.

Dr. Penny Higgins at EPOCH Isotopes will work with you to include stable isotopes most effectively into your projects.

What EPOCH Isotopes will do:

Dr. Penny has about 20 years of experience with stable isotope geochemistry, in the lab, in the field, and in the office. Services offered include:

  • Assistance in determining appropriate analyses for your project
  • Assistance in finding a laboratory that can run your samples
  • Assistance in the field
  • Interpretation of isotopic data
  • Preparation of appealing graphics for publication
  • Inclusion of results in professional publication and grant proposals
  • Troubleshooting and repair of mass spectrometers

Additional services:

  • K-12 outreach – I’ll come to your school for in-class presentations or career day. Topics include local geology and paleontology, geochemistry, climate change, and vertebrate paleontology.
  • Public speaking – I can give presentations about misrepresentations of geology in entertainment, climate change, paleontology, and many other topics. Contact me!
  • K-12 tutoring – Make me deserve that Ph.D.! I can help with Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry.

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