What chemistry?

Below is a “lab note” from the Jaws of Life Project on experiment.com. Access the note and support the project here. As we describe this project, we refer to the "chemistry" of tooth enamel. Chemistry can mean a lot of things, so what does it mean in this context? Let's start with tooth enamel. Tooth … Continue reading What chemistry?

The Jaw Prawject

I'm working on a project that was just launched on experiment.com. I refer to it as the Jaw Prawject or the Jaws of Life Project. It's a project to better understand how stable isotopes are affected by tooth position in mammal jaws. The goal is to determine if the dogma of only using the third … Continue reading The Jaw Prawject

Friday Headlines – March 6, 2020

Friday Headlines, March 6, 2020 THE LATEST IN THE GEOSCIENCES This week in paleontology (AKA Fossil Friday) DNA from dinosaurs This week in geology Pinpointing Indonesian earthquakes This week in the environment Microplastics in deep-sea organisms Cartilage cells, chromosomes and DNA preserved in 75 million-year-old baby duck-billed dinosaur In the post Jurassic Park world, people … Continue reading Friday Headlines – March 6, 2020